Kellie Pickler: Sony Nashville you saw the Best Days Of Your Life

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This past week beloved country singer and American Idol alum Kellie Pickler opened up to Entertainment Weekly about how she has departed from her record company Sony Music Nashville.  The proof is on google, when you google Kellie Pickler you won’t find a main webpage and if you put you will find a webpage for 19 Entertainment.
The split from Sony Music Nashville came as a shock to me, until I read more into the interview. I had no clue that Sony Nashville was doing nothing to promote Kellie’s third album “100 Proof.” I had heard a few songs on the radio, “Tough” and “100 Proof.” After the album release I had not heard anything else, other then seeing Kellie perform “Where’s My Tammy Wynette” on this season of American Idol. The lack of promotion for this album is what Kellie says is one of the many reasons she decided to leave the record label and look for another.
If lack of promotion is one of the reasons, I agree with Kellie. She kicked them to the curb and walked out with her “Red High Heels.” Sony Music Nashville did no promoting and it’s sad because this is easily one of the BEST country albums out this year. The album is rich, artistic and a different side to Kellie. It’s got more twang, an older country style that the true country fans will enjoy and it has Kellie opening up about her Mom and Dad.
When I first listened to the album in January I said this would make Kellie. This would be THE album, this is her Revolution. Her album at that point was better in my eyes then Miranda’s “Four The Record” and blew away “Blown Away” by Carrie. She was standing on the stage ready to fight with the big names, and she wouldn’t back down, and she was proving she has got the talent too.
As a part review of the album some of my favorite songs would be Stop Cheatin’ On Me, Turn On The Radio & Dance, Where’s My Tammy Wynette and the heart wrenching Mothers Day. All songs are amazing, and when I tell you in one day I listened to this album ten times, I am not lying. I’ve always been a Kellie fan, but this album made me a proud fan, and a proud fan of music in general.
Now that Kellie has departed from Sony Nashville, I wonder what she will do best. Will she stay with a major record company, or go independent. She said in the interview Luke and Frank sat me down and I got to just sit with an acoustic guitar and I got to sing songs to them that I grew up on. You know Tammy, Merle, Waylon, Al Dexter, Kitty Wells. I could just go on and on and on. I just love traditional country music. They saw that in me, and that’s real. That’s me. When this album came out, the people that know me, my friends, went, “There’s Kellie. There you are.” Will we hear an older country sound to Kellie? Will being with an independent company help her?
I personally think this is the Kellie I really like. Sure I liked Red High Heels and Best Days Of Your Life, and yeah they were on better selling more radio popular albums. However this album which hasn’t been promoted and had much radio play is the better album. In this case I’d like to see Kellie put out better sounding music and stay independent, then do the pop/country crap that invades the radio. You can promote and have a successful indepedant album, you need the right people to market it. Maybe she can find this with her new record company. No offense Carrie and Miranda, you’ve gotten to “pop” you should all be listening to Kellie!

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